Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Now, I'm back and haven't been saying much about my two week training in Dublin.

Well, it WAS very interesting but not as extensive as I would have liked it to be. Irish people are very welcoming and nice. I did learn a lot about Ireland and the people living there (this island is beautiful!!!!). I was happy to practise my English and in a way it was quite reassuring to notice that I was able to speak it on an 'everyday' basis ( English teachers know what I mean).
I've bought lots of books (contemporary Irish literature) but first I need to finish the Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy (an excellent book).
So, my suitcase was too heavy for Ryanair...They made me pay a 68E fee... Damn it!
I also managed to buy the new Harry Potter book at the airport at...5.30 a.m... Well, I flew back at 6.25 a.m. I still had plenty of time to do shopping!
What about these last days? Apart from washing the dog (as you may see above :-)), I've been trying to rest a little . In Dublin, we would have a complete day at University (9.00 a. m-4.30p.m) and then we headed off into town . There were so many places to visit, a few shops to go into and lots of pubs to drink in ( actually, Guinness with black current is OK).
I've also been looking at blogs and, girls, I just love all the lovely presents and hand-made items you've received or made. That made me realize I still have a lot on my plate if I do intend to finish some projects under progress ( Can I still qualify them as 'under progress'? To be honest, I'm not sure). I'm the most absent-minded stitcher on earth. Guess what! I had packed all the materials to stitch during my stay in major element...the chart!
I'm off !
I'll keep you posted!
See you!


michoux said...

Domi seems to fell like a fish in water !!!! lolllll Poor Doggy !

Patty said...

look at that tail !

flo said...

Patricia est de retour,

Bon, ben maintenant faut rattraper le retard, poulette!

aline said...

Pauv'Domi!! Merci quand même pour les photos! Par contre le texte,lui ....