Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Busy eveningS

This is not a ring...Just a key ring...Ring IS the key word !
I made it a while ago and it will go with the rest of the parcel for Josy. There's more to come :-)

16/08/2007 ...


For Josy (click...click)

Monday, 6 August 2007

Pics from the Landes (and a few comments...)


My DH getting sunburnt on our 1st day on the beach

My DH playing with his brand new kyte (which did fly!) Spending time with dear friends
Looking at the hypnotizing ocean...Listening to the sound of waves...
Napping at the hotel
Walking in a bamboo forest (in Lesperon)
Can you see the moon?
Playing with Blagotte
Spending a day in Biscarrosse
Going for a stroll in Cap Breton
Discovering Espelette and its chillies

Having dinner in a sea food restaurant in Biarritz

Admiring the Pyrenees

Taking lots of pics of Maxime (he's such a cute babyboy!)