Thursday, 31 May 2007

Busy bee

I'm tired STOP
I'm busy STOP
I'm about to run out of the hand-dyed threads for the Bourse Aux Merveilles SAL STOP
I'll be back soon...STOP

Monday, 21 May 2007

Behave,girls! No dribble on your screens!

This one of my favourite chocolate delicacies. It reminds me of my childhood and that's certainly the reason why I love these bouchées so much!

On my mind

Hi, friends!

I'm back feeling a little better. There are ups and downs in life... I'll just say that Saturday was a bad day for me and my beloved M.D Junior.

I got back to stitching... though my progress is not that convincing, probably because I find it hard to keep my mind occupied.

The last design is currently 'on hold' because I've run out of the special hand-dyed thread I had chosen for the upper and lower words. What should I do? Try to find a DMC thread matching it or go for a completely different thread for the three letters left (NGS). HELP!!!

Winnie the Pooh is having fun of me! I couldn't take my eyes off him while thinking about that tricky floss stuff!

I'm a mad woman...really...
But it's a known fact:we're all mad in our family...Look at all these little messages Aline's scattered around the house tonight...
SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS TO EVERYONE IN THE REAL AND CYBER WORLD! I'm so lucky to have you around.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Sad day

Endless Song (AARON)

is it hard to go on
make them believe you are strong
don't close your eyes
all my nights felt like days
so much light in every way
just blink an eye
I used to be someone happy
you used to see that I'm friendly
all your smiles ,all is fake let me come in
I feel sick ,gimme your arm
from the shadow ,to the sun only one
step and you'll burn
don't stay too high
I used to be someone happy
you used to see that I'm friendly
is it why in your tears,
I can smell the taste of fears
its all around
all my laughs ,all my wings
they are graved inside your ring
you were all mine
I used to be someone happy
you used to see that I'm friendly

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Scrappy pics Art

This is a freebie by...errrrrrrrrrrrrr...Lizzie Kate...Not sure, actually. I just wanted to stitch it and Aline happened to love it...:-)
You can't see the little details (like the charm, the beads...), I'll take other pics later on.

C'est une grille gratuite de..ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Lizzie Kate... Pas si sûr, en fait. J'avais juste envie de le broder et il s'est avéré qu'il plaisait beaucoup à Aline...:-)
Vous ne pouvez pas voir les petits détails (comme le charm et les perles...), je vais donc prendre d'autres photos plus tard.

Scrappy pic...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Pin cushion done

I'm grumpy...
I'm not satisfied with the pin cushion... It seems I've been quite clumsy while sewing it.
Je suis insatisfaite du coussin à aiguilles. De toute évidence, la phase couture (par moua) a été plutôt maladroite.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Mouse done

I tried to take better pics of the 2 finished items but it wasn't easy. As for the finishing, I was quite nervous before starting but then it seemed to go surprisingly smooth!
I aim to finish another item tonight. So, watch out!
J'ai essayé de prendre de meilleures photos des 2 objets finis mais ce ne fut pas simple. En ce qui concerne la 'finition', j'étais assez inquiète avant de commencer mais ensuite tout s'est passé sans accroc! Mon objectif est d'avoir fini un autre objet ce soir. Attention!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Naughty girl

I couldn't resist... I started this Little House Needleworks design ,Plant Kindness, last week. I made a few changes to avoid buying some more threads.
Je n'ai pas pu résister....J'ai commencé le design Plant Kindness de Little House Needleworks la semaine dernière. J'ai fait quelques changements pour éviter d'acheter de nouveau des fils.

Dog portrait Tuesday

Whenever I stitch, sew or knit, that dog's around...
No surprise I end up using smelly threads...:-)
A chaque fois que je brode, couds ou tricote, le chien est dans mes pattes...
Pas étonnant que les fils que j'utilise ne sentent pas la rose... :-)

Monday, 7 May 2007


' France set up to pick man it fears over the woman it likes but doesn't trust' was amongst the headlines of the Times (on line) last week.
I do fear that man...
It's not like me to use my blog as a means of political expression. But I'm a left-wing woman (probably because of my education and personal history). I was not really convinced by S.Royal's candidacy but she seemed more ....harmless...
' Work more to earn more ' is Sarko's (simple and radical) slogan... OK, right, I may fit in since I've a job... No, I can't be satisfied with such a limited perspective of the moral malaise and economic decline that has afflicted France those past years.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Little progress :-)

The pics aren't good but you can see I've been sewing this weekend!
Les photos ne sont pas bonnes mais on peut y voir ma couture de ce weekend!

Thursday, 3 May 2007


Shameful post...

My progress is so pitiful that I prefer waiting till this weekend to show you some more pics....
Mon avancé est si pitoyable que je préfère attendre ce week end pour vous montrer en photos...

Sugar sweet

A friend of mine bought me those ready to mix cookies & scones from her trip in England. Though mines do not look like those on the package :-), they tasted ...OK. Just tooooooooooooo crispy! We still have to try the ready to mix scones!
Sure I'll try to make cookies again but with this recipe.

Une amie m'a ramené de la préparation à cookies & scones de ses vacances en Angleterre. Bien que les miens ne ressemblent pas à ceux du paquet :-), ils étaient mangeables. Juste trop croustillants!
On a encore la préparation à scones à essayer!
Je vais réessayer de faire des cookies mais avec cette recette.

So short a life !

The pink one was stitched for Eugénie , our friend's baby girl (born on 1st April!).
The second one was stitched by Aline and finished by ... me! Hope her mum will like it!
Le coussin rose est pour Eugénie, le bébé de mon amie (elle est née le 1er avril).
Le deuxième a été brodé par Aline et monté par ... moi! Espérons qu'il plaira à sa maman!