Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Thanks everyone for your wishes, phone calls, messages, e-cards & presents!
It was indeed my birthday yesterday.
I must be such a good girl being so spoiled! :-)

I'm quite tired actually! We ended the day with a fast but lovely dinner with friends (at the restaurant) before the INDOCHINE concert in Rouen. I know I should give you details about my presents and the persons who offered them to me...but I'm not in the mood for it! Enjoy the pics! Enjoy the silence!


michoux said...

Such a good girl ???!!!! c'est c'là ouiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!! si ça peut te faire plaisir !!!

.... mais tu n'as pas tout vu ou eu ????? Suspens !!!!......

Enfin rien que ça quand même !!! Veinarde !

Patty said...

What?! There's more to come?!

michoux said...

suspens....???? !!!!!